Robot Dreams

by chris hardy

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WINNER of the 2014 Dorian Tauss Award for Favorite Local Album from! YESSSS!!!

this is my 2014 RPM Challenge album written and recorded within the chaotic 28 days of february. artwork and design by Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman.

FUN FACT: the song "Devil, Silly Devil" is about the ice storm/earthquake combo in Augusta, GA i experienced AND a very creepy proposition i received (which i turned down, of course) while working on this album.


released May 3, 2014

chris hardy - all instruments & vocals & music & 90% of lyrics. Victoria Hardy - lyrics to "it's a good life".



all rights reserved


chris hardy Augusta, Georgia

i write songs & record 'em using a bunch of instruments & then perform 'em using just an acoustic piccolo bass guitar & my voice.

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Track Name: distractified
i know this is gonna take some time
and it's time that is in short supply
this demands attention to detail
but i'm afraid i can't comply

i'm distractified, distractified
can't focus on the task at hand
i'm distractified, distractified
and i doubt you'd even understand

humans try to put barriers around
the way that nature works
the sheer randomness of life itself
is one of the biggest perks


maybe the best way there is
to get to your destination
is to take the long way around
without all the aggravation


so feel free to scurry about
to meet your deadlines today
don't mind me when i'm traveling
in a roundabout sort of way

Track Name: down in flames in cat town
the mouse didn't know he was a mouse
until he tried to be a cat
he went down in flames in cat town
and i guess that was that

reflections can only show us
what appears to the outside
the skin is only beauty deep
when body and soul collide


then you get your designs on
and construct the appropriate cage
to pace around back and forth in
but never walking off the stage


you can't find yourself out there among the huddled masses
and you can't run like the wind if your feet are stuck in molasses
you can't find a diamond by trying to catch a falling star
and you won't have a clue until you find out who you are

asking your friends only gets you
farther and farther away
from the truth you need to discover
in a different kind of way

Track Name: devil, silly devil
the devil knocked on my door
said he's got what i really need
i opened the door and faced him down
but i never did the deed

i cut him off mid-sales pitch
i said thanks but i'm keeping my soul
yeah, it's got more value than money
that's when he lost all control

chorus 1:
then the trees started breaking
and the ground started shaking

chorus 2:
devil, silly devil can't you even see
you fool a lot of people but you don't fool me
devil, silly devil don't you even know
i'm gonna send you packing back down below

oh, you should have seen his face
when he heard somebody do right
and the holy temper tantrum that followed
tore on through the rest of the night

living all around us
keeping you in fear
devil gets around
just not in here

chorus 2

chorus 1

chorus 2
Track Name: skinny windows
never could see the big picture
just gazed at the little pieces
the light outside just shines
but inside it decreases

chorus 1:
looking through skinny windows
looking through skinny windows

the sights are plenty in the world
plenty of them both good and bad
and you need some kind of protection
or they can all but drive you mad

chorus 1

chorus 2:
when the expanse is just too great
for your mind to comprehend
your skinny windows will take you
to the far off land of pretend

chorus 1

and the view of the illusion
makes you feel safe and sound
up until the day you go outside
and put your feet on the ground

chorus 1

chorus 2

chorus 1
Track Name: spurning the signs
i can hear the rain
but the ground is dry
owls hooting in the daytime
and i don't know why
the wind is kicking up
and according to the press
they say a storm's a-coming
but i couldn't care less

i know i'm safe and sound and i know i'm feeling fine
so why are people saying that i'm spurning the signs?
i know this too shall pass and i know the sun will shine
so why are people saying that i'm spurning the signs?

so much exaggeration
being spread around this place
even though all the destruction
is right in front of my face


now my life appears to be in danger
looks like the storm is too strong
i might ought to ask for help down here
but i just don't want to be wrong

Track Name: it's a good life
it's a good life you're living
the things that carry on
desire, thoughts and dreams
just waiting for the dawn

it's a good life you're living
trying, trying to be strong
troubled monochrome streams
scattered on the lawn

it's a good life you're living
struggling, struggling to belong
tugging away at the seams
and singing like a swan

when the season calls for letting go
you can find yourself without control
when the season demands that you grow
a walk through fire can make you whole
this would be the time
when the time is near
right now, right here
is no time to fear

it's a good life you're living
a thing to celebrate
vibrant colorful themes
just waiting for you to create

it's a good life you're living
a time to resonate
trust in all that you redeem
and just participate

Track Name: rotary phone
rotary phone, you puzzle me
at one time you were a star
and everybody just loved you
yeah, you really raised the bar

you're a bit of a dinosaur
now that the world has passed you by
they rolled over your character
and they didn't even say goodbye

but at least you're not alone
rotary phone, rotary phone
the records and tapes have played
and the dirigibles have flown
newspapers are another thing
that society has outgrown
rotary phone, rotary phone
at least you're not alone

there was always someone holding you
and talking to you every day
i can't imagine how it must feel
to have it all just go away

Track Name: full circle
we've come full circle
and we're laying out on the ground
under the stars once again
while the wind is whipping around

we've come full circle
doing cartwheels in the yard
it's like when we were just kids
before the world got so hard

full circle
full circle
full circle
three hundred sixty degrees
has awarded us a new reprise

we've come full circle
right back where we began
joyful and free from the stress
of the common rigid plan


when you catch a ride on a breeze
then you can navigate with ease

we've come full circle
and we're just like that again
young and old are just words
and time is god knows when

Track Name: i can't say it when i try
we used to be two
with our separate lives
searching for a place
where our love could thrive

and the more we sought
seems the less we knew
how close that we had gotten
the one became me and you

and i don't know why
i can't say it when i try
when i act like a fail
and the words they also bail
one way still shines through to show
how much i love you

you know we're not perfect
and angry words can sting
but so can healing words
they fix nearly everything

Track Name: this is the time
didn't you say you wanted a change
didn't you want to get to the action
gotta stop your lack of flow now
while you still have the traction

this is the time to get up
this is the time to act
no more stagnating in misery
when you're staring at the facts

didn't you love to buck the system
and didn't you always want to be
the exact same person you knew you were
before the haze came over reality


this is the time to walk away
this is the time to let go
pass through the fears that hound you
and just stick with what you know

it's gonna want to hold you back
it's gonna put up a fight
seven times down, eight times up
anxiety won't tell you what's right

watching everybody around you
as they're speeding right on through
not even conscious of their place in time
don't let it happen to you


this is the time to walk away
this is the time to let go
pass through the fears that hound you
and just stick with what you know