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The Purple Flame

by chris hardy world

here come the riff raff nothing but trouble on their mind tearing stuff up wherever they go acting all mean and unkind here come the riff raff so whatever will you do when they work their destructive ways on everyone including you how do you refer to these people as friends when everything they do or say just offends they muscle their way into peace with their war so why won't you just shut the door here come the riff raff now the party has taken a turn you built up a life so full of love only to sit and watch it burn well you don't want to be the bad guy you're too scared to ask them to leave but you can't just make it all go away and not play that ace up your sleeve
everyone is fighting a war that no one else knows about and that's why i avoid people cause some of them tend to act out everyone is in some pain sometimes they'll spread it around and that's why i avoid people it keeps them from bringing me down that's why i avoid people that's why i avoid people cause what if it rubs off on me i gotta protect my sanity everyone is acting so sad like their feelings are just a toy that's why i avoid people they get offended by my joy everyone just looks so mad that they never get their own way that's why i avoid people so i'll survive through another day
Doctor Slick 03:15
once i had a pain and it didn't feel proper i made up my mind that i would go to a doctor cause doctors took an oath and have a medical degree they are bound to do their job and do it ethically once i got to see him i was told what was best he confidently told me he would run some tests now here is a professional i can rely upon then POOF after only five minutes he was gone never said a word about my lifestyle never said a word about diet never told me how to be healthy yet i still continued to buy it test results came back and they were inconclusive another round of them were ordered it was expensive just when i was thinking that this guy had skills his solution to my pain is nothing more than pills suddenly i thought he doesn't know me at all this is my health why does a stranger make the call i was enlightened and it happened in a flash they're just another business whose priority is cash never said a word about my lifestyle never said a word about diet never told me how to be healthy and these days i just don't buy it
Going Sane 03:40
i think i'm going sane coming out of my shell everything's so nutty now and i always seem to rebel i'm going sane, i'm going sane i'm turning away from the pain i'm going sane, i'm going sane no more chaos for my brain i think i'm going sane different from all the rest i've located all my marbles and i think i'm rather impressed i think i'm going sane and i can't say which is worse advancing down this manic road or throwing it into reverse you can stay with the crazies if that's what you want to do you can keep feeding the animals as long as you live in the zoo
you hear about all this rain showering down on your brain no matter how they explain you're still dry, you're still dry north winds blow and south winds blow knocking things down as they go in spite of it all, the peril goes right by, goes right by while i'm watching all these scenes of doom there's nothing happening in my living room the flowers of decline are in full bloom there's nothing happening in my living room panicky people don't see it's how they want it to be buzzing around like a bee don't know why, don't know why you are safe, you are secure nothing has penetrated your defense you are fine, you're all good but you choose not to make any sense
it's all right if you're mad i've been down that road before you try and play by the rules then suddenly you're on the floor it's no fun to be laughed at by the ones you put your trust in knowing it was only a game that you weren't supposed to win this is how you grow and it's painful, i should know this is how you see that the damage will set you free this is how you heal find a better mental space this is how to escape and get far away from this place maybe you're being tested they say it just makes you stronger got to be strong to change and not be snowed any longer even if we disagree you are not the enemy all you want is harmony just like me
sanity is universal in everybody's view we claim our lucidity whether or not we have a clue so quick to point the finger at others within your illusion counting another person's marbles is also an act of delusion we're all crazy to someone someone out there thinks there's a fault in your brain we're all crazy to someone even if they are the ones who are insane we think of ourselves as normal the standard by which we measure anyone who falls short of this is met with great displeasure it's a good thing we don't get locked up just because we're different in a way cause with nobody left on the outside that's a game nobody wants to play
inside something's happening a small breach of security and through the crack in a half opened door the intruder wriggles free disorder is its only goal and agitation is its art it can't singlehandedly destroy it all but it willingly does its part but i am prepared i'm on alert this thing is in for a world of hurt i see the purple flame i see the purple flame burning the vermin to ashes i see the purple flame overwhelming is the system to a little toady of this kind and even if reinforcements come a good toasting is what they'll find
i'm seeing lots of blind trust it's starting to blow my mind does anyone do their own thinking i'd hate to be the last of my kind just let me decide for myself all the experts can take a break cause i've been paying attention and i think i know what's at stake so what's a brain to do when you're taught to not use it sometimes you gotta do a think so you won't ever lose it no i don't have a medical degree and that doesn't make me wrong i spend all my time in this body of mine literally feeling what goes on observing my surroundings it's obvious when things change reality reveals itself when applying the mind's full range you can gaze at the pretty pictures that they show you up on the screen accepting the spoon that feeds you but never wondering if it's clean
why am i smiling at the dark the people they just don't see i guess i'm supposed to be downcast and seeking some help for me i don't need their assistance i know precisely what i'm doing and things look pretty normal from here to the different scene that they're viewing there's only one thing i know it's that events cycle in a flow i smile at the dark because the light will return tomorrow so here i am smiling at the dark so here i am smiling at the dark as action always turns to rest the night always turns to day so why should i waste a good attitude just because that time's gone away it'll be back and return very soon and the thought of that is quite nice why buy the fear when peace is the price?


Recorded on just 4 tracks of analog tape, this is a rock and somewhat disco album that expresses my thoughts about how the world has become in the last 2 years based on my own observations.

I played real drums & mixed them live to 1 track, I played my fretless bass through a pile of effects to simulate a synth bass to another track, my piccolo bass guitar on yet another and the single vocal went on the last one.

Recorded on 4 tracks of a Fostex Model 80 reel to reel machine, transferred to a Yamaha AW1600 for mixing.

Cover art painting by Victoria Hardy.

Check out this video playlist of some behind the scenes footage of the process: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWNtFZhBZgXSs3KgbRIaKO8WlgO1Q7cpd

Songs written in January 2022 and recorded in February 2022 for the RPM Challenge.


released February 23, 2022

Chris Hardy - real actual drums, fretless bass, piccolo bass, vocals, engineering, producing and mixing.


all rights reserved



chris hardy world Edgefield, South Carolina

I write songs myself. I record them all myself. I play all the instruments (including real actual drums) myself. I sound like a band yet I am just one little guy. I do everything myself - the only job you have is to listen and enjoy! Isn't that easy?

Check out my Spotify page: open.spotify.com/artist/2IdeoH1kMPQFcTJssWlHGQ
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