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Outside Voice

by chris hardy world

i used to know a guy called Skip he watched way too much tv his life was nothing but chaos an overload of activity Skip took it all to heart and he believed every word even if it was the most ridiculous thing you ever heard ch when you're a tennis ball you can't tell south from north too busy bouncing all around and being whacked back and forth yeah, Skip was a tennis ball and that's about all... he'd parrot all the phrases that the cool characters would say he'd adopt all the behaviors from the roles the actors would play whether he was happy or not was determined by some show and whatever the lineup was that day one could never really know
New Eyes 04:13
another day in the very familiar something's off the movement seems atypical out here unexpected zigs are now zagging and zags are now zigging all together ch these old scenes, these old eyes have come to realize these new sights, these new dreams emerge between the seams deep down in the comfortable repetition changes arise all the things i used to think i knew for sure challenge my view the same is different and different is the same or is it me br take a look at what you know is true and underneath that order is you you bring all the chaos to the peace then the quiet and solitude cease new eyes on the old scenes new parts on the old machines new shades of the old greens
did i really just hear what i think i heard i'm not sure is the floor about to collapse and then swallow me whole delivered flawlessly right into my mind was it real i don't feel like my head is still connected to my body is it a message from a dead guy should i flee or should i rejoice cause whatever it was i heard it was definitely a voice definitely a voice speaking in tongues not familiar to me what was said from the dead how do i respond without losing my mind i never had a conversation with an occupant who was stuck in the great beyond i've been in many awkward litigations before and i've never actually won
it's outside the resort in a location i can no longer see it's outside the resort might as well be a separate reality it's outside the resort too far away even to give it a try it's outside the resort and so out of focus to my watching eye that stretch of land behind the building that nobody else will ever dare to go is so compelling to that part of me that simply wants to know all the secrets hidden below well you can live in comfort in an invisible cage as you're playing your role within the limits of the stage and when the show has ended then what is there to do but wait for the next curtain call and hope for a good review cause the focus is always on you even though that's now always true it's outside the resort too far away from every daily routine it's outside the resort i hope to see some things that i've never seen it's outside the resort untethered and unfettered in a strange place it's outside the resort just a small desire for a much bigger space
there are no rays today looking through the window in the oven door and opening the dossier while the sky is turning grey feel the heat without light calculating all the desired results the findings are agreeable but also unforeseeable redacting the sun yarns have been spun redacting the sun what's done is done warmth is no benefit when the studies have shown us otherwise the decision has been made and orders are being obeyed redacting the sun yarns have been spun redacting the sun what's done is done can't let the truth spill out of the power that's within the light of the day give it a place to hide and black out the other side redacting the sun what if it's begun redacting the sun technology overdone this is for your own good this is for your own good
Recreate 04:01
there's a scene so serene unlike any other day lines are clean and pristine you'll capture it in some way there's a sound it's all around unlike any other you've heard what you found pound for pound so hang on to what's occurred ch recreate, you gotta recreate things your senses collect recreate, you gotta recreate so you'll never forget there's a touch sweet as such the time is now or never in the clutch it's too much to let it fade forever isn't this just a way to live on even after the brief moment is gone and whether it's joy or whether it's tears you're passing it down through the years
Push 03:27
they tell you to push yourself to wherever you want to be i'm not sure i like that thought i cannot fully agree if i needed a push that means i don't want to do something in the first place so what exactly is the point i'll instinctively advance in the direction of my goals while enjoying all the freedom of sitting at the controls i can then explore so much more unseen terrain expanding capabilities that exist in my brain if i truly want a thing isn't that sufficient motivation? pushing through reluctance adds another layer of frustration when i'm tired i sleep when I'm hungry i eat when i'm hyper i run when i'm scared i retreat a guiding hand with force won't do anything at all when desire is bigger than everything it gets me over the wall
moving the walls not an easy task looking for space escaping the past with a newer face expanding the box expanding the box and finding fresh ground and finding fresh ground not that i'm bored with the life I've got more colors to add to the usual spot i've not gone mad expanding the box expanding the box and let my mind roam and let my mind roam happiness is not containment nope this is more like entertainment yup will it lead me to attainment maybe maybe not out beyond the fence is another sight to merge with my own in about mid-flight
could be in the middle or the left or the right but nobody knows nobody knows under a cover it's hidden from view and that is the game that is the game and the barker laughs as the mark makes the same mistake that every other mark makes the shell game favors the snake what if one's whole life was hanging by a thread then what would you choose what would you choose no one ever wins and yet they all still play a lesson unlearned lesson unlearned watch the money get laid down watch the hands go so fast watch the unbelievable skill watch the chump come in last repeated again repeated again repeated again repeated again and some things never change
the sun rose high a change was occurring bedtime for nocturnals but Mortimer was stirring he bustled about strolling down the street not looking for adventure but unable to get to sleep ch he found a whole new world and it looked so very awesome what stories would come from the travels of Mortimer the insomniac possum searching for some food in litter left on the ground he suddenly stopped and heard a tremendous barking sound *BORK BORK* danger was approaching Mortimer had to decide whether to stay and fight the beast or find a good place to hide br he turned around and what did he see but a rather convenient maple tree so he scampered up as fast as he could looking down to where the monster stood the sun went down and the dog went away bedtime for canines and everthing was okay his friends came around they heard Mortimer's tale and when the night was through his drowsiness finally prevailed


My second album of 2022! What's different about this one? Well, it's all acoustic. And I recorded ALL of it OUTDOORS on a tiny Tascam DP-008 8 track digital recorder.

Here are a couple of brief videos from the recording sessions:

youtu.be/JiwYlWXKvjY - recording drums

youtu.be/GEmh5rvtymQ - recording acoustic piccolo bass


released May 1, 2022

Chris Hardy - all instruments & vocals & songwriting & recording.
Victoria Hardy - cover photo.


all rights reserved



chris hardy world Edgefield, South Carolina

I write songs myself. I record them all myself. I play all the instruments (including real actual drums) myself. I sound like a band yet I am just one little guy. I do everything myself - the only job you have is to listen and enjoy! Isn't that easy?

Check out my Spotify page: open.spotify.com/artist/2IdeoH1kMPQFcTJssWlHGQ
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